Software Metering: Track usage of commercial applications

Software metering involves the analysis of software usage statistics and helps IT Administrators reduce the expense overhead incurred from unwanted renewals and upgrades. Endpoint Central IT Asset Management's software metering capabilities give you visibility and insights on the software assets within your network and help you to make informed decisions about software license renewals; reducing the IT costs in turn. 

Software metering gains prominence amongst enterprises that are looking to cut IT costs. The expenses incurred from unnecessary license renewals is grabbing attention of IT Managers, who are looking at ways to reduce the IT expenses. This can be achieved by looking at the usage metrics of every application.

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How Endpoint Central helps

Endpoint Central's agent continuously monitors the usage of software applications in managed computers. This information is sent to the Endpoint Central server periodically. Based on these usage statistics, administrators can derive a complete picture of the used and unused software in the network, and uninstall the software from systems where it is not being used efficiently. The information is then collected and collated in the form of three reports:

  1. Software metering rules summary
  2. Computers with metered software
  3. Users with metered software
Software metering report | Software usage monitoring tool


Software metering rules summary

This report is generated based on the rules added for metering a particular software. Details such as discovered count, usage count and usage duration can be inferred from this.

Computers with metered software

It provides the software usage details such as usage count and usage duration for a particular software application on each computer. In addition to this, the admin can view the reports for each computer during a stipulated time period. With the help of such usage details, the administrator can choose to either retain or revoke the license for the software application used on each computer.

Users with metered software

The usage details for every user specific software is provided in this report. This is helpful when the users log into several computer but still the software usage details for that user-specific software needs to be metered. By gauging such usage details, the admin can choose to either retain or revoke the license for user-specific software.

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