Distribute Apps to Groups & Devices

Mobile Device Management does not stop with configuring policies, getting asset information, and securing a mobile device. The MDM solution should also provide the administrators with the ability to distribute and manage the Apps that are installed on the devices. Endpoint Central's MDM also provides the Mobile Application Management (MAM) capability that helps administrators perform the following management functions:

App management:

  • Manage Apps over-the-air (OTA) to groups/devices
  • Automatically get App information from App Store and Play Store
  • Maintain a repository of all Apps used in the network
  • View the list of Apps and their installation count on mobile devices.
  • Segregate Blacklisted and Whitelisted Apps

App distribution:

  • Seamless distribution of in-house and Store Apps to groups/devices
  • Assign App Store Apps, Play Store Apps and In-house Apps on the App Catalog of the end users' device
  • Get the status of the deployed Apps on the users' devices
  • Remove Apps that are not required anymore

Integrate with Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for iOS:

  • Integrates with Apple Volume Purchase Program to install commercial apps
  • Automatically assign redemption codes to users for installing Apps
  • Revoke unused redemption codes
  • Get notified on insufficient redemption codes
  • Supports managed distirbution of apps


  • Comprehensive reports to monitor apps installed on the device.
  • Specific reports can be extracted, for example:
    • Apps by Devices - Generates reports based on apps available on the device.
    • Devices with/without specific App - Generates reports based on specific App.