Custom Scripts

Custom scripts provided by Endpoint Central allows you to perform up to 40 predefined configurations such as Printer Configuration, Drive Mapping, Managing Services, Configuring Security Policies, etc., which would take care of the general day-to-day desktop administration activities by the administrators. But there are certain organization-specific configurations that have to be executed on the Windows desktops for which custom scripts prove to be useful. It provides more flexibility to add additional functionality according to the requirements of the organization.

How to add and execute custom scripts

You can add custom scripts in Endpoint Central under the Configurations, navigating to Configuration > Custom script based on the operating system. Endpoint Central helps to execute these custom scripts during user logon, computer startup or computer shutdown. The Custom Script configuration can be applied to user and computers or to OUs, Domains and Sites. 

Script Repository

Custom Scripting - Supported Languages

Custom scripts can be written using any of the popular scripting languages, such as VB Script, JScript, Perl, Python, and so on. The supported formats are Batch file (.bat or .cmd) and any other language hosted by Windows Script Host (WSH), such as VB Script, JScript, Perl, REXX, and Python for Windows OS or sh, bash, ksh, csh, tcsh and py for Linux OS.

How to add custom scripts to script templates

Endpoint Central has built a repository of 300+ scripts based on customer interaction and support feedback. You can add custom scripts in the form of templates wherein you will just have to pass the arguments for the scripts. The configurations created with these script templates will be ready for deployment after passing the required arguments. You can view the list of script templates here : Endpoint Central  web console > Configurations > Settings > Script Repository > Templates. You can choose the template based on your requirement and click on it to add the script to your local script repository. These templates are updated periodically. For utilizing a custom script, the script should be made available on the script repository. In addition to this, by enabling the option to share custom script to Endpoint Central, the script will be stored, processed, tested and shared with community via script templates. Here is the complete list of the available script templates. You can deploy these scripts in form of configurations to users/computers.

What are custom scripts?

Custom scripts are software configurations that help you perform administrative activities and additional on-demand tasks. They enhance the flexibility and functionality of the administration tools used in your organization.