Standardize Configurations across your Mac desktops

Endpoint Central's support for Mac Configuration offers various configuration management capabilities to address Mac OS administration needs. It helps configure system settings, security policies and provides the flexibility to define target computers and users. Configurations can be applied during either user logon or computer startup. It also provides the status of the applied configurations.

Here are the configurations that can be applied:

Custom Scripts

Simplify the execution of complex tasks with this configuration. Administrators can configure custom scripts to be carried out at different frequencies for the specified target.

Gatekeeper settings

Gatekeeper settings helps IT admin to choose the application that are safe and and gives control over entire operation that is required to be performed either on systems or users. By deploying safest applications, IT admin can be ensured that systems in the network are shielded from security threats and vulnerabilities.

System Preferences

Securing Mac desktops is the most challenging task for an administrator and configuring system preferences helps in protecting Mac desktops and users from various security threats. This configuration lets IT admins to protect the systems and restrict users from accessing the resources classified under hardware, app, network, etc.

Message Box

The Message Box configuration allows an IT admin to display important information, error and warning messages on the user's computer for the specified time interval.

Energy Saver

Manage power efficiently and reduce costs with this configuration that allows you to specify settings for the battery/ power adapter of the systems in the enterprise.

Login Window

Administrators can choose to configure the login window that is displayed when the user logs on. Applying this configuration will customize the login based on the login options specified and the settings configured for the login window.


Create shortcuts in dock to enable easy access of important URLs.

Login Items

Based on the user profile IT admin can launch the required applications and files when the user logs into the system.


IT admins can deploy customized font package to the required users or systems that make the documentation effective.

Network Shares

Network share configuration aids the accessibility of SMB to users by providing the host name and volume name.

For more details on every Configuration, refer to the respective Configuration topic in the online help.