Enterprises today adopt mobility to allow employees to work from anywhere and collaborate for increased productivity. While some organizations provide their employees with a mobile device in addition to laptops or desktops, many others allow the employees to access the corporate resources with employee-owned devices. The increasing trend of BYOD concept forces the enterprises to look for a management solution that helps differentiate corporate and employee-owned devices and manage them separately. The policies and restrictions that are applied to corporate and BYOD will differ to ensure that the users' privacy is not affected. Endpoint Central's MDM allows administrators to enroll devices based on the ownership and helps them create different groups for applying policies and restrictions.

Benefits of Allowing BYOD for Organizations

  • Reduce the overhead cost of procuring mobile devices for employees
  • Increase collaboration between employees
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to access corporate resources from anywhere

Managing BYOD Using Endpoint Central

  • Enroll devices based on ownership
  • Create separate groups for BYOD and corporate devices
  • Define separate policies for BYOD and corporate devices
  • Wipe corporate data, leaving user data untouched, when employees leave the organization

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