Server & Desktop Management Reports

Desktop Management Reports is the best tool any IT administrator would like to lay his hands upon. These reports not only give quick and easy access to the details, but also help them keep a variety of risks at bay. Endpoint Central comes with an integrated reporting bundle that showcases a comprehensive and exhaustive list of reports. Right from the information relating to user logon details to the inventory associated with the network, it helps IT administrators derive a whole lot of information even from their enterprise's Active Directory in just a few clicks. Desktop Management can be simplified by using the scheduling options of the software. These reports extract the information and display them in a well formatted manner. Options to convert the extracted report to other file formats like PDF and CSV is just a click away.

Integrated Server and Desktop Management Reports Types:

The server and desktop management reports that come integrated with the application can be categorized as:

  1. Configuration Reports
  2. Power Management Reports
  3. Patch Reports
  4. Inventory Reports
  5. User Logon Reports
  6. Active Directory Reports

Configuration Reports

Configuration Reports throw light on the type of configuration that is associated with a particular user or computer. Desktop Configuration report based on a particular type of Configuration can also be extracted using the software. These reports are quite useful during audits.

Power Management Report

With Go-Green iniatives going places in the corporate world, administrators are thrust upon with the additional burden to conserve energy. The application can help administrators adopt the power saving mode using its Power Management competencies. Report on the system up time and down time can be useful to draft a strategy to conserve energy in one's enterprise.

Patch Reports

The Patch Reports provide detailed information about the vulnerable systems in your network along with the patch details to fix that vulnerability. The application periodically scans the systems and determines the vulnerability after checking if any applicable patches are missing. The various patch reports that are offered include:

Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports provide complete information about the entire inventory in your given network. Essential information like License Compliance and Software Metering details can be obtained with ease by generating the Inventory Reports. Separate reports on Hardware and Software Inventory are available. Readily available filters can also be applied to extract a whole lot of useful information as may be needed.

User Logon Reports

User Logon Reports give away the perfect set of information related to a user's login activity. The product offers specific reports relating to the logon/log off details, logon history, etc. Computers on which no user has ever logged on can also be found out using a readily available report. Being agent-based, the reports are more accurate and provide details like the user's logon and log off time, the computer from which they logged on, the domain controller they reported, etc., along with their logon history.

Active Directory Reports

Active Directory Reports supply the IT Administrator with all the essential details relating to AD infrastructure and objects, in a Windows set up. Endpoint Central specializes in AD Reporting and presents a script-free reporting option for IT staff. Active Directory Reports that are generated facilitate periodic reviews in response to compliance standards and are quite useful during audits. Active Directory Reports are further classified into the following categories:

  • User Reports
  • Computer Reports
  • Group Reports
  • Organizational Unit Reports
  • Domain Reports
  • GPO Reports
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