Remove Blocklisted Software Automatically

Prohibited Software (or) Blocklisted Software as they are popularly known is a common phenomenon that network administrators need to take care of, as a part of their daily routine. Every organization maintains a list of prohibited software that are barred from employee usage. Some of the most common software that are belong to the blocklisted software category, include gaming and social networking applications, who's presence/usage by employees might equate to serious productivity losses apart from the compliance issues they may raise. Therefore prohibiting software is not a choice anymore, rather a mandatory routine that avoids productivity/compliance lapses.

Endpoint Central's IT Asset Management software helps prohibit, usage of certain blocklisted software in accordance to your company policies. Detecting such prohibited software will help tackle any compliance and productivity issues their presence can render. Moreso, you can achieve this without actually spending too much time. All that you have got to do is configure prohibited software and rest assured that we take care of it all.

Besides prohibiting blocklisted applications, there are several other security verticals that need to be addressed. Take a look at how we help you in holistic endpoint security and management.

Complete solution to keep a check on Prohibited Software

Endpoint Central helps you fully-automate the detection and removal of prohibited software. You can configure the following using Prohibited Software module:

  1. Enlist applications to be Blocklisted.
  2. Detect Prohibited Software in your network.
  3. Auto-Uninstall the Blocklisted Software.
  4. Exempt computers from Auto-Uninstallation Routine
  5. Notify Admin and end-users whenever prohibited software is detected.
  6. Generate a Report on Prohibited Software.

Enlist applications to be Blocklisted: After an initial scan of your network computers, you can specify the list of software that are to be prohibited in your company. These software will be detected during the subsequent scan cycles.

Auto-uninstall Prohibited Software: You can choose to automatically remove the software within a specified time frame, once it is detected in the client machine. The auto-uninstall option helps to ward-off of the blocklisted software from your network with ease.

Exempt computers from Auto-Uninstallation Routine: Most organizations will upfront prohibit usage of prohibited software by their employees. However top-level executives at these organizations might need such applications to communicate with clients, etc and this becomes crucial to carry out business.One classic example is the usage of chat based applications. During such occasions, the "Exclude list" option comes in handy. You can enlist specific computers into a common custom group and and add it to the Exclude list. Computers in the "Exclude List" will be exempted from Auto-Uninstallation.

Prohibited Software Notification & Reporting: You can configure and receive notification through email whenever a blocklisted software is identified by the application during its regular scan cycle. Both Admin Users and end users can receive these alerts. Also, during the auto-uninstallation, users will be notified during the time frame between detection and removal. You can also generate the Prohibited Software Report to find the computers in your network using such applications at any given point of time.

For more details, refer to the Configure Prohibited Software topic in the online help.

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