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Identity and access management

Identity and access management

Manage, govern, and secure digital identities and privileged access.

Active Directory management

ADManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange management and reporting

  • Active Directory user management
  • Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server management and reporting
  • Built-in report library and custom reports builder
  • Rule-based account creation and modification templates
  • Multi-approval workflow
  • Delegation based on OU or group
  • Automated stale account cleanup
  • Time-bound access management

ADAudit Plus

Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing

  • Real-time change monitoring and alerting
  • Active Directory group management
  • User logon monitoring
  • Audit trail for privileged users
  • File access and user activity auditing
  • Anomaly detection using UBA
  • Compliance reports for SOX, the GDPR, and other mandates

ADSelfService Plus

Identity security with adaptive MFA, SSPR, and SSO

  • Adaptive MFA with 19 authenticators
  • MFA for machine, VPN, OWA, and RDP logons
  • SSO for cloud applications
  • Self-service password management
  • Password policy enhancer
  • Password expiration notifications
  • Remote work enablement
  • Enterprise self-service

Exchange Reporter Plus

Reporting, auditing, and monitoring for hybrid Exchange and Skype

  • Comprehensive monitoring of Exchange environment
  • Exchange Server auditing and reporting
  • Exchange Online auditing and reporting
  • Skype for Business Server reporting
  • Real-time change auditing
  • Granular reporting
  • Compliance reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GLBA audits

RecoveryManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange backup and recovery

  • Active Directory backup
  • Exchange Online backup
  • SharePoint Online backup
  • OneDrive for Business backup
  • On-premises Exchange backup
  • Role delegation and technician auditing
  • Backup storage in Azure
  • Restart-free recovery

Identity governance and administration


Workforce identity and access management for hybrid ecosystems

  • Identity life cycle management
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • SSO and password self-service
  • UBA-powered identity governance
  • Automated identity management
  • Role-based delegation with approval workflow
  • Identity orchestration
  • Active Directory and Microsoft 365 data protection


A cloud-native identity platform for workforce IAM

  • Built-in Universal Directory
  • Identity life cycle management
  • Orchestration and template-based provisioning
  • MFA for enterprise applications
  • SSO for cloud applications
  • Access management with built-in reports
  • Help desk delegation
  • Reporting and analytics

M365 Manager Plus

Microsoft 365 management, reporting, and auditing

  • Granular reporting
  • Real-time service health monitoring
  • Advanced auditing
  • Automated management
  • Template-based management
  • Content search
  • Password expiration notifications
  • Help desk delegation

Privileged access management


Complete privileged access security for enterprises

  • Enterprise credential vault
  • Just-in-time privilege elevation
  • Secure remote access and session recording
  • Privileged user behavior analytics
  • SSH key management and SSL certificate management
  • Application credential security
  • Comprehensive reporting, auditing, and compliance reports

Password Manager Pro

Privileged password management

  • Privileged account discovery and vaulting
  • Granular access control mechanism
  • Approval workflows for privileged access requests
  • Automated password resets for 75+ resource types
  • Application password management
  • DevOps credential security
  • SSH key and SSL certificate life cycle management
  • Compliance auditing and reporting

Access Manager Plus

Secure remote access and privileged session management

  • One-click remote sessions
  • RemoteApp support
  • Bi-directional remote file transfer
  • Jump box support for Windows and Linux
  • Privileged session management and recording
  • Live monitoring and collaboration
  • In-depth audit trails

Key Manager Plus

SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate management

  • Automated discovery and vaulting of SSH keys and SSL certificates
  • Centralized key creation, deployment, and periodic rotation
  • One-click remote SSH connections
  • Policy-based CSR generation and signing
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Let's Encrypt, DigiCert, and more
  • SSL vulnerability scanning and certificate expiration alerts
Unified service management

Unified service management

Design, automate, deliver, and manage IT and business services.

Enterprise and IT service management

ServiceDesk Plus

Full-stack service management for enterprises

  • Best practice ITSM capabilities
  • Intelligent automations
  • No-code and low-code customizations
  • Enterprise service desk
  • ITAM with CMDB
  • Native IT integrations
  • Business integration reports

Customer service management

SupportCenter Plus

Customer support with built-in billing for businesses 

  • Multi-channel support
  • Business units for each division
  • Request tracking and automation
  • Contract and SLA management
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Account and contact management
  • Self-service portal

IT asset management


IT asset management with an integrated CMDB

  • IT asset inventory management
  • CMDB
  • Software asset management and license compliance
  • Purchase order and contract management
  • Remote control of assets
  • Asset life cycle management
Unified endpoint management and security

Unified endpoint management and security

Manage and secure desktops, servers, laptops, mobile devices, and web browsers.

Endpoint management

Endpoint Central

Unified endpoint management and security

  • Patch management
  • Software deployment
  • Mobile device management
  • OS imaging and deployment
  • IT asset management
  • Remote control
  • Modern management

Mobile Device Manager Plus

Comprehensive mobile device management

  • Automated device onboarding
  • Seamless app management
  • Secure content management
  • Comprehensive email management
  • Containerization for BYOD endpoints
  • Extensive OS update management
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Real-time location tracking and geofencing

Patch Manager Plus

Automated multi-OS patch management

  • Automated patch management
  • Customized deployment policies
  • Third-party application patching
  • Cross-platform support
  • Patch compliance checks
  • Dynamic monitoring and reporting

Patch Connect Plus

Automatic patching of third-party software

  • Automated third-party patching
  • Native plug-in for SCCM
  • Third-party application deployment
  • Customized deployment with pre- and post-deployment scripts
  • Automatic detection and publishing of third-party patches
  • Extensive third-party software catalogs
  • Deployment reports

OS Deployer

OS imaging and deployment

  • Flexible imaging techniques
  • On-the-go OS deployment
  • One golden image for all makes and models
  • Automated driver management
  • User data and OS migration
  • Seamless application distribution

Remote Access Plus

Enterprise remote access

  • Advanced remote desktop sharing
  • Secure, granular control over remote computers
  • Handy diagnostic tools
  • Voice, video, and text chats to assist remotely
  • Wake on LAN and remote shutdown

RMM Central

Unified network monitoring and endpoint management for MSPs

  • Network discovery
  • Network device monitoring
  • Server management
  • Patch management
  • Remote control
  • IT asset management
  • Alerts and reporting

Endpoint security

Vulnerability Manager Plus

Prioritization-focused enterprise vulnerability management

  • Vulnerability and threat assessment
  • Cross-platform patch management
  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation
  • Security configuration management
  • Web server hardening
  • High-risk software and antivirus audit
  • Reports with actionable insights

Device Control Plus

Data loss prevention for peripheral devices

  • Control over all ports and removable devices
  • Role-based file access control
  • Controls to block unauthorized file transfers
  • Comprehensive file shadowing
  • Access management for removable devices
  • Temporary access granted on demand
  • Reports on device activity and data usage

Application Control Plus

Software discovery and endpoint privilege management

  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Rule-based list building
  • Endpoint privilege management
  • Flexible operation modes
  • Instant resolution of greylisted apps
  • Insightful dashboards and reports

Browser Security Plus

Browser security and management

  • Browser insights and management
  • Browser policy deployment and configurations
  • Add-on management
  • Java manager
  • Browser lockdown and isolation
  • Web filter and download restrictions
  • Data leak prevention
  • Compliance management

Endpoint DLP Plus

Advanced data loss prevention for endpoints

  • Data discovery
  • Data classification
  • Data containerization
  • Cloud upload protection
  • Email security
  • Device control
  • False positive remediation
  • Extensive reports
IT operations management

IT operations management

Monitor and manage your network, servers, and applications.

Network and server performance monitoring

OpManager Plus

Unified network, server, and application management

  • IT operations management
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Unified IT management
  • Unified network management
  • Data center infrastructure management


Network performance monitoring

  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Physical and virtual server monitoring
  • Wireless LAN controller (WLC) monitoring
  • Storage monitoring
  • WAN and VoIP monitoring
  • Fault management
  • Advanced reporting

NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis

  • Flow-based bandwidth monitoring, traffic analysis, and reporting
  • Application traffic monitoring
  • Network traffic shaping
  • Real-time bandwidth reports
  • Advanced forensics and network security
  • Capacity planning and billing

Network Configuration Manager

Network change and configuration management

  • Network configuration management
  • Network configuration change management
  • Automated and scheduled configuration backups
  • Role-based access to control network configuration changes
  • Command execution with configlets
  • Compliance auditing
  • Firmware vulnerability management
  • Detailed reports for audits

Firewall Analyzer

Firewall rule, configuration, and log management

  • Firewall policy analysis and administration
  • Firewall configuration monitoring and change management
  • Firewall compliance reports and auditing
  • Firewall log management
  • Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring
  • Security and VPN monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Network forensic audits


IP address and switch port management

  • IP address management
  • Switch port management
  • Rogue device detection
  • Wake on LAN
  • SNMP tools and Cisco tools
  • Diagnostic tools

Application performance monitoring

Applications Manager

Server and application performance monitoring

  • Application performance monitoring
  • Server and VM performance monitoring
  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Automated application dependency mapping


Full-stack monitoring for IT admins, DevOps, and SREs

  • Website performance monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Synthetic web transaction monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Real user monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and management (RMM) for MSPs and CSPs
  • Public and private cloud monitoring and log management

IT incident management


Centralized IT alert management

  • Alarm escalations
  • On-call scheduling
  • Auto-remediation
  • Alarm modification
  • Noise reduction
  • Criteria-based alerting
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Role-based access

Site24x7 StatusIQ

Status pages for real-time status and incident communication

  • Public status pages for transparent communication
  • Real-time status updates
  • Incident and maintenance notifications for end users
  • Email and SMS notifications for subscribers
  • Domain, logo, and page customization

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DNS and DHCP management


An all-in-one DNS management service to keep your business online

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DDI Central

Unified DNS, DHCP, and IP address manager

  • Flexible internal and external DNS-DHCP cluster management
  • Streamlined DNS server and zone management
  • Automated DHCP scope management
  • Targeted IP configurations with DHCP fingerprinting
  • Secure Dynamic DNS (DDNS) management
  • DNS aging and scavenging
  • DNS security management
  • Domain traffic surveillance
  • IP lease history insights
  • IP-DNS correlations and IP-MAC identity mapping
  • Built-in failover, auditing, and role-based access controls

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Security information and event management

Security information and event management

Secure your network from cyberattacks and ensure compliance.



Integrated SIEM with advanced threat analytics and ML-driven UEBA

  • Dynamic threat intelligence and real-time threat detection
  • Actionable security analytics
  • End-to-end incident management
  • In-depth cloud security analytics
  • Anomaly detection driven by behavioral analytics
  • Real-time Active Directory auditing
  • Integrated compliance management
  • High-speed forensic analysis engine

Log and compliance management

EventLog Analyzer

Comprehensive log and IT compliance management

  • Comprehensive log collection, processing, and archival
  • Built-in custom log parser for in-house log analysis
  • In-depth security auditing and analysis
  • Real-time event log correlation
  • Built-in file integrity monitoring
  • Analysis of database and web server security logs
  • Real-time event response system
  • Integrated compliance management

Firewall Analyzer

Firewall rule, configuration, and log management

  • Firewall policy analysis and administration
  • Firewall configuration monitoring and change management
  • Firewall compliance reports and auditing
  • Firewall log management
  • Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring
  • Security and VPN monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Network forensic audits

Security auditing

ADAudit Plus

Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing

  • Real-time change monitoring and alerting
  • Active Directory group management
  • User logon monitoring
  • Audit trail for privileged users
  • File access and user activity auditing
  • Anomaly detection using UBA
  • Compliance reports for SOX, the GDPR, and other mandates

SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint reporting and auditing

  • SharePoint reporting and management
  • SharePoint security and auditing
  • SharePoint permission and group management
  • Microsoft 365 management
  • Audit log archival
  • Usage analytics

M365 Security Plus

Microsoft 365 security

  • Granular auditing of user activities
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Real-time alerting of critical activities and changes
  • Automated content search
  • Help desk delegation

Cloud Security Plus

Cloud security monitoring and analytics

  • Cloud security monitoring for AWS and Azure
  • Salesforce log management
  • Google Cloud platform log management
  • Easy log data search
  • Insights on user activity and network changes

DataSecurity Plus

File auditing, data leak prevention, and data risk assessment

  • File server auditing and file integrity monitoring
  • Ransomware detection and response
  • File analysis and management of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) files
  • Share and NTFS permission analysis
  • Data discovery, classification, and risk assessment
  • Prevention of data leaks via USBs and Outlook clients
  • File copy protection


File security and storage analysis

  • Junk and inactive data management
  • Disk usage analysis
  • User-specific storage reporting
  • Orphaned file management
  • Effective permissions analysis
  • File security vulnerability detection
  • Overexposed file identification
IT analytics

Advanced IT analytics

Visualize IT data and gain actionable insights into IT operations.

IT analytics

Analytics Plus

AI-powered unified analytics platform to correlate all IT data

  • Out-of-the-box analytics for popular IT applications
  • AI-powered analytics assistant
  • Secure, real-time collaboration
  • Trend forecasting
  • Data alerts
  • Embedded analytics
  • Data import from cloud and local databases
  • Powerful formula engine for custom functions


Cloud cost management for modern software teams

  • Cost analytics for AWS
  • Spend analysis
  • Spending based on business unit
  • Budget control

SaaS Manager Plus

Spending management platform for SaaS subscriptions

  • Comprehensive SaaS subscription discovery and management
  • User activity and app utilization tracking
  • Vendor spending and renewal date insights
  • Identification of underutilized subscriptions
  • Effortless report generation and export
  • Seamless third-party application integration
  • Email updates on license expiry and user activities
  • Automated invoice retrieval from inbox
IT analytics

Low-code app development

Build powerful custom applications rapidly and launch them on-premises.



Advanced low-code platform for building powerful applications

  • Drag and drop app builder
  • Workflow automation
  • Advanced auditing and role-based access
  • Online portals
  • Sandbox environment
  • Multi-device apps
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Data migration from existing ERPs

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