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PAM360 is ManageEngine’s enterprise PAM solution that helps IT teams take control of their privileged access routines. ManageEngine’s PAM solutions are trusted and employed by over 5000 organizations and government agencies.

Alongside building cutting edge IT management solutions for over two decades, ManageEngine has pioneered crafting a resilient and robust PAM tool that is trusted by government agencies and leading organizations.

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ManageEngine named a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management

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A streamlined approach to privileged access management


    Privileged account and session management (PASM)

    Automatically discover, onboard, store and manage privileged users, accounts and resources—used by both humans and software—from a central console. Launch remote sessions, moderate and audit privileged access and record sessions in real-time.


    Privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM)

    Prevent security risks posed by standing privileges by employing just-in-time privilege elevation, application and command controls, and least privilege workflows for access provisioning.


    Privileged account governance

    Establish strict governance over sharing of privileged accounts and endpoints to the right users using role-, attribute-, and policy-based access control workflows.


    Secrets management

    Facilitate continuous and smooth functioning of your development and orchestration workflows by securing the credentials of different non-human entities, such as machines, applications, services, scripts, processes and DevOps pipelines.


    Privileged user behavior analytics (PUBA)

    Spot suspicious user activity patterns, and take informed security decisions using AI and ML-driven anomaly detection capabilities.


    Encryption key and certificate lifecycle management

    Prevent costly service downtime and impersonation attacks by managing and taking complete control over your SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates.

  • Not another one-size-fits-all PAM maturity model. Craft a PAM journey that is your own with an all-inclusive, objective approach to PAM maturity.

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  • The ultimate PAM Buyer's Guide is your starting point for the PAM journey, providing essential details to choose the right-sized solution.

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  • Get cyber insurance ready with PAM360. Cyber insurance providers recognize Privileged Access Management (PAM) controls as crucial for an organization's security.

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  • Compliance readiness is now essential, not optional. Key analysts state compliance is a major driver for rapid adoption of privileged access management solutions.

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Why choose ManageEngine PAM360?

PAM360 couples smart privileged access management essentials with powerful integrations, compliance readiness, and transparent privacy policies to offer an enterprise-ready experience.

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    Compliance ready

    Meet the essential compliance standards deemed at your enterprise by adopting a certified solution like PAM360. We are compliant with essential business standards such as NIST, PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, ISO-IEC 27001, and many other standards.


    Easy to deploy and use

    PAM360 is known for its user-friendly, intuitive UI and flexible deployment options, with the shortest turnaround time. We give you the choice of a deployment model that best suits your needs.


    The ManageEngine edge

    PAM360 offers tightly-knit integrations with ManageEngine’s IT management tools—from service desk to SIEM—to facilitate secure access provisioning, and deeper analysis and correlation of privileged access events across the enterprise.

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Millions of IT admins trust ManageEngine with their privileged access management. Build your PAM strategy with ManageEngine PAM360 today. Free 30-day trial included.

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