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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a secure, on–premises password manager that helps users safely vault and manage credentials, secrets, and other digital identities. Thousands of businesses worldwide–including Fortune 500 companies–put enterprise password management on autopilot with Password Manager Pro.

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From securing sensitive credentials to streamlining enterprise password management, we do it all.


    Secure password vault

    Safely store, share, and organize all your privileged identities from a centralized password vault. Password Manager Pro supports ready-made templates for over 80 resource types, such as operating systems, network devices, and database servers.


    Robust access controls

    Restrict access to sensitive shared credentials using request-release workflows. Admins can enforce least privilege by granting time-limited, need-based access to critical passwords based on users' roles and requirements.


    Periodic password rotation

    Automatically reset the passwords of servers, databases, network devices, and other resources. You can also automatically execute custom scripts to carry out any follow-up action after a password reset.


    Non-human identity management

    Discover, reset, and manage the passwords of all service accounts associated with domain accounts, IIS App Pool and web config accounts, TLS/SSL certificates, SSH keys, and various other non-human identities.


    Application-to-application password management

    Eliminate hard-coded passwords in applications by allowing applications or scripts to query and retrieve passwords from Password Manager Pro to connect with other applications or databases.


    Secure remote sessions

    Launch reliable and completely emulated SSH, RDP, and Telnet sessions to remote IT resources from the browser without the need for plugins or agents. Record video of remote sessions and audit all privileged access to get a complete record of all actions for forensic purposes.

An enterprise experience like no other

From advanced workflows to compliance readiness, Password Manager Pro has everything you need for the complete enterprise password management experience.


    Contextual integrations

    Leverage integrations with Active Directory and LDAP to onboard users, groups, and resources in minutes. Admins can streamline password management across different apps and functions in the organization using our ready-made integrations with CI/CD platforms, ITSM solutions, and other ManageEngine software.


    High availability support

    Get continual access to mission-critical passwords even during an unprecedented outage by configuring redundant server and database instances. Admins can schedule a backup of the entire database for disaster recovery and swiftly restore service in minutes.


    Compliance readiness

    Businesses can use ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to view real–time insights on adherence to popular compliance standards such as the PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, NERC-CIP, and the GDPR. Moreover, Password Manager Pro can also be configured to run in FIPS 140-2 compliant mode.

Why Password Manager Pro?

In addition to its advanced capabilities, Password Manager Pro′s deployment model, ecosystem, and industry expertise make it stand out from other enterprise password management solutions.

  • Hassle-free on-premises password management


    Password Manager Pro is a fully on-premises password manager that's easy to deploy, adopt, and manage. You can deploy the solution in your secure infrastructure and onboard your users and resources swiftly. With around-the-clock technical support and custom onboarding assistance, you can rest assured that we are always around to address your needs.

  • Proven expertise in the market


    Password Manager Pro is part of ManageEngine's suite of IT management solutions and has been leading enterprise password management software for over 15 years. ManageEngine's proven expertise in this space, coupled with Password Manager Pro's tight integrations with other ManageEngine solutions, make Password Manager Pro a tailor-made fit for every enterprise.

  • Easily upgrade at scale


    Password Manager Pro does not have a cap on the number of users that can be added to the platform; therefore, as your organization scales, you can seamlessly grow. Similarly, as your access management needs scale, you can effortlessly upgrade to ManageEngine's dedicated privileged access management suite (PAM360) in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything from Password Manager Pro to enterprise password management

  • 01. What is enterprise password management software?


    Every enterprise manages privileged credentials. These mission-critical identities must be safely protected and managed from a centralized password management solution. Password Manager Pro is one such solution that acts as a comprehensive password manager for enterprise needs.

  • 02. What platforms does Password Manager Pro support?


    The following platforms are supported by ManageEngine's enterprise password management tool, Password Manager Pro:

    For product installation
    For password reset

  • 03. Is Password Manager Pro only an on-premises password manager?


    Currently, Password Manager Pro is offered as an on-premises enterprise password manager. If you're looking for a full-fledged cloud password vault, you can check out Zoho Vault, the cloud password manager from Zoho, the parent company of ManageEngine.

  • 04. What are the benefits of using Password Manager Pro?


    When you adopt an enterprise password management solution like Password Manager Pro, you can effortlessly eliminate password fatigue, improve IT productivity, and meet audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • 05. What are some features that separate Password Manager Pro from other enterprise password vault vendors?


    Capabilities such as privileged session management, periodic password rotation, pre-built compliance reports, and contextual integrations separate Password Manager Pro from other password vaulting solutions, making it one of the best enterprise password managers in the market.