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Why modern businesses need SaaS spend management software

SaaS applications are a critical part of any modern enterprise but can also be a major drain on your budget. With SaaS Manager Plus, you can control your SaaS costs and save money. Get real-time insights into your SaaS spending and identify areas to optimize your costs. With our SaaS management platform, you can free up your time to focus on more important things and ensure you’re getting the most out of your SaaS subscriptions.

ManageEngine SaaS Manager Plus offers
numerous benefits:

Easily discover subscriptions

Uncover and track all SaaS applications used within your organization for valuable insights and gain a holistic view of your organization’s SaaS ecosystem using our comprehensive dashboard.

Efficiently manage applications

SaaS Manager Plus helps you centrally manage your SaaS applications, vendor applications, and contracts for streamlined administration and enhanced productivity.

Seamlessly automate operations

Automate manual tasks such as user provisioning and invoice management. SaaS Manager Plus helps you to track your license expiry based on predefined frequency.

Optimize SaaS investments

Identify cost-saving opportunities and maximize the value of your SaaS contracts. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your SaaS costs and maximize returns.

Simplify access management

Access SaaS Manager Plus effortlessly by leveraging its simple directory integration. Seamlessly manage user access and collaboration, regardless of your directory setup.

Enable team collaboration

Efficiently manage users, assign SaaS applications, and streamline user access within your organization. Ensure smooth collaboration and user-centric SaaS management to empower your team's productivity and success.


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