Why do organizations need an identity
and access management solution?

With the number of data breaches rising exponentially, organizations need to adopt governance practices and tools to prevent threats and increase operational efficiency. Gaining access to the corporate perimeter is easier than ever due to remote work. For many organizations, an enormous amount of the workload is stored and shared across a wide variety of on-premises and cloud applications. This is why many organizations use granular access control solutions to keep up with authentication demands.

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions help securely manage the digital identities of users. IAM encompasses three key components: identification, authentication, and authorization. Restricting access to business-critical resources and ensuring data protection can help IT admins track privileged access abuse. IAM solutions protect the organization against security incidents by setting parameters in the system to detect anomalous activities that otherwise go undetected. These IAM security features help with building effective security infrastructure.

How will an identity and access management
solution help your organization?

Make the switch to remote work easy and effectively manage the identities of remote users. Enable single sign-on (SSO) for quick, secure access to corporate resources and implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to strengthen security.

Secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure where data is stored in mixed computing platforms made of on-premises servers and private or public clouds. Monitor network traffic and enforce granular visibility across your offline-online environment. Develop cross-platform risk profiles and enable adaptive access to resources on strict contextual authentication.

Adopt Zero Trust to protect your growing network perimeter. Verify every user, employee, contractor, and respective endpoint before establishing trust with behavior-based security analytics. Make informed choices about data, people, devices, workloads, and networks.

Closely monitor all privileged access pathways to mission-critical assets within your network. Enforce fine-grained access restrictions and request-based approval workflows for privileged accounts.

Achieve dual control over privileged access with real-time session monitoring and anomaly detection. Effectively cut down standing privileges and privileged account sprawl by provisioning just-in-time privilege elevation for domain accounts.

Beat IT disruptions by automating painstaking routines like provisioning, deprovisioning, and password resets. Empower your workforce with seamless identity self-service for on-premises and cloud applications.

Ensure stress-free regulatory compliance with complete control over sensitive information and how it's shared. Build and maintain a strong cybersecurity framework to meet the demands of data privacy regulations.

Contextually integrate with other components of your IT management infrastructure for a holistic correlation of privileged access data with overall network data to gain meaningful inferences and quicker remedies.

Here’s how identity and access management solutions have helped other organizations

Indian Overseas Bank

ADSelfService Plus helps Indian Overseas Bank unburden its help desk.

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AD360 helps The New York Racing Association ensure a seamless and secure remote working experience.

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Vitel A.S. simplifies Active Directory management using ADManager Plus.

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Identity and access management solutions from ManageEngine

Active Directory management

ADManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange management and reporting

Manage and secure identities across Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange by orchestrating and automating user life cycle management, implementing multi-level workflows, and doing even more.


ADAudit Plus

Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing

Maintain network security and compliance by tracking critical GPO changes, monitoring user logins, analyzing account lockouts, spotting malicious insiders, and more.


ADSelfService Plus

Identity security with adaptive MFA, SSPR, and SSO

Boost identity security with adaptive MFA, SSO, password self-service, strong password policies, remote work enablement, and workforce self-service. Ensure secure and seamless access to enterprise resources.


Exchange Reporter Plus

Reporting, auditing, and monitoring for hybrid Exchange and Skype

Report, audit, and monitor hybrid Exchange and Skype for Business effortlessly in real time. Get over 350 reports on your hybrid Exchange environment, perform instant content searches, and set up alerts for critical events.


RecoveryManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange backup and recovery

Back up AD, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange environments. Ensure unprecedented resilience during disasters by restoring your entire environment or just part of it from a backup.


Identity governance and administration


Workforce identity and access management for hybrid ecosystems

Manage user identities and access, deploy adaptive MFA, protect privileged accounts with UBA, and ensure regulatory compliance for hybrid environments connecting Active Directory, Azure AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and more.



A cloud-native identity platform for workforce IAM

Address workforce IAM challenges with a cloud-native identity platform. Leverage powerful capabilities to consolidate identity silos, centrally manage access entitlements, demonstrate compliance, and ensure identity-first security.


M365 Manager Plus

Microsoft 365 management, reporting, and auditing

Report on, manage, monitor, audit, and create alerts for critical activities in Exchange Online, Azure AD, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services from one place.


Privileged access management


Complete privileged access security for enterprises

Secure administrative access to critical IT systems. Establish strict governance over privileged access pathways. Prevent security risks using cutting-edge session management capabilities and advanced analytics.


Password Manager Pro

Privileged password management

Eliminate password fatigue with secure, centralized vaulting of privileged passwords. Prevent privilege abuse by enabling selective password sharing and granular access controls based on user roles and requirements.


Key Manager Plus

SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate management

Gain complete visibility and control over your crypto-key environments. Prevent costly service downtime and impersonation attacks via end-to-end life cycle management of SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates.


Access Manager Plus

Secure remote access and privileged session management

Regulate privileged access to remote enterprise systems via encrypted gateways from a unified console. Achieve total visibility into all kinds of privileged access with extensive session shadowing and auditing capabilities.


  - Bundled product

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