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Vitel A.S. simplifies Active Directory management using ADManager Plus

About Vitel A.S.

Founded on January 8, 1993, VITEL A.S. is a leading company in the Turkish IT market. It specializes in network and communication solutions and has served over 3,000 companies over the last 20 years, both in Turkey and abroad, providing maintenance and delivering technical support and consultancy services.

The business challenge: Routine Active Directory (AD) tasks are mundane and error-prone

Organizations often find it hard to manage their Active Directory manually. Creating and modifying users in bulk takes time when done manually and is an error-prone task.

Vitel A.S.'s IT technicians and administrators were carrying out these tasks through conventional, manual methods like using native AD tools or PowerShell, which affected their productivity. Apart from being time-consuming, these tasks demanded in-house labor as well.


Vitel A.S.


IT (network and communication specialist)



The solution: ADManager Plus

Vitel A.S. needed a solution that could increase employee productivity by simplifying routine Active Directory tasks.

"The basic and routine Active Directory tasks like user creation and modification are more simplified and automated," said Yigit Telli, assistant specialist at Vitel A.S.

For Vitel A.S., it was important to find a solution that could help address the drawbacks that came with manually managing Active Directory and speed up the time taken for everyday tasks like user creation and modification. It found ManageEngine ADManager Plus, a unified management and reporting solution for Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Google Workspace, to suit its needs.

How ADManager Plus helped

The most effective way to solve the issues faced by Vitel A.S. with managing Active Directory would be to automate everyday Active Directory management tasks like creating users, deleting inactive users, enabling and disabling users, unlocking users, moving groups, and more. These automations can also be scheduled to run at defined intervals.

"Configuring rules and automations helps in completing the Active Directory tasks quickly," said Yigit.

Implementing business workflows in automations ensures that the automated task is stopped for review and approval by a manager or another appropriate user before moving to the next phase.

"With ADManager Plus' workflow module, Active Directory tasks are auditable and can be reviewed for better supervision," said Yigit.

The ADManager Plus advantage

ADManager Plus was able to cater to all of Vitel A.S.'s Active Directory management needs. Employees at Vitel A.S. observed a noticeable increase in their productivity by automating Active Directory tasks. They were also able to set up business workflows and delegate tasks to non-administrators, which in turn made Active Directory management easier and more secure.

Its wide range of efficient features and affordability set ADManager Plus apart from its competitors. With ADManager Plus, Vitel A.S. has freed employees from the burden of performing mundane Active Directory tasks and improved their productivity.

About ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a unified management and reporting solution for Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Google Workspace. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks, like AD object backup and recovery, user account provisioning, and stale account management, and generates an exhaustive list of Active Directory reports, many of which are essential requirements for satisfying compliance audits. It also helps administrators manage and report on their Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Active Directory environments—all from a single console. For more information about ADManager Plus, visit

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