Why do organizations need an
unified endpoint management and security solution?

From onboarding employees and deploying OSs and applications to managing and troubleshooting corporate and personal devices, organizations are expected to fulfill the needs of their diverse workforce. A UEMS solution provides end-to-end integration of device management and endpoint security. This increases workforce productivity without compromising data security.

Attackers are constantly on the lookout for entry points into enterprise networks. One unauthorized device, unmonitored browser, malicious application, or misconfiguration is often all it takes to bring down an entire network. Keeping track of such loopholes on the ever-increasing number of endpoints that constitute your network is impossible manually and calls for a UEMS solution.

How will a unified endpoint management and security solution
aid your organization?

Manage a diverse array of IT endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart watches, smart TVs, and browsers, across multiple OSs.

Protect device data, block or allow apps, monitor threats, and reduce the risk of corporate data leaks.

Automatically patch and update all your OSs and over 350 third-party applications.

Significantly reduce hardware and software expenses with timely asset scans, software metering, and software license management.

Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues faced by your remote workforce over remote control sessions.

Integrate with different help desk solutions to perform endpoint management tasks from your help desk console and utilize single sign-on.

Regularly scan your network to detect and remediate vulnerabilities, threats, misconfigurations, and high-risk software.

Save hours on patch testing and installation by automating and customizing OS and third-party patch management according to your enterprise’s requirements.

Secure your network from browser-related attacks by allowing access to only trusted websites and by monitoring the plug-ins,
add-ons, and extensions used.

Avoid data leaks, data theft, and insider attacks by monitoring and restricting the use of USBs and other peripheral devices.

Boost productivity and block high-risk applications by blacklisting them. Permit only trusted applications by creating an application whitelist.

Establish a Zero Trust environment with application-specific endpoint privilege management.

Here’s how unified endpoint management and security solutions have helped other organizations

First Priority Federal Credit Union ensures zero network vulnerabilities

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Care Institute of Medical Sciences reduces its IT expenses by 60%

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Vodafone securely manages over 2,500 POS devices in its retail stores across Qatar

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Unified endpoint management and security solutions from ManageEngine

Endpoint management

Endpoint Central

Unified endpoint management and security

Manage modern and legacy servers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and browsers from a single console.


Mobile Device Manager Plus

Comprehensive mobile device management

Securely manage corporate and personally owned devices running Apple OSs, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS.


Patch Manager Plus

Automated multi-OS patch management

Configure automated patch deployment for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, with patching support for over 900 third-party updates across more than 500 third-party applications.


Patch Connect Plus

Automatic patching of third-party software

Automate the distribution of third-party software updates across your business’s IT network by integrating with Microsoft SCCM and Intune.


OS Deployer

OS imaging and deployment

Distribute Windows operating systems to computers irrespective of the device’s make or model.


Remote Access Plus

Enterprise remote access

Enable technicians to troubleshoot remote Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, with multi-user collaboration, file transfers, and over 12 system tools at their disposal.


RMM Central

Unified network monitoring and endpoint management for MSPs

Automate your MSP business’s IT management and discover, manage, secure, and monitor all your clients' devices from a single console.


Endpoint security

Vulnerability Manager Plus

Prioritization-focused enterprise vulnerability management

Secure your network with built-in patching that delivers comprehensive visibility, assessment, and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities.


Device Control Plus

Data loss prevention for peripheral devices

Control, block, and monitor USB and peripheral devices to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data.


Application Control Plus

Software discovery and endpoint privilege management

Implement sophisticated endpoint privilege management and allow or block applications based on specified rules.


Browser Security Plus

Browser security and management

Enforce security policies, manage add-ons, restrict access to unauthorized websites, track users' web activity, and ensure compliance with security standards.


Endpoint DLP Plus

Advanced data loss prevention for endpoints

Automate the discovery and classification of sensitive endpoint data and proactively eliminate insider threats by enforcing rules for secure usage and transfer.


  - Bundled product

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