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The Challenge

First Priority Federal Credit Union, a financial institution of its kind, wanted to keep their IT infrastructure up-to-date to fight out the network vulnerabilities. They employed a software for this purpose and firmly believed such an approach will help them by-pass most of the security lapses and also ensure smooth IT functioning. The dissatisfaction with the deployed software, resulted in their search for another solution that would aptly meet their requirements. The qualifying parameters for the new solution were identified as follows:

The Solution

The FCU's determination to find a better solution involved the evaluation and testing of a variety of Desktop Management tools. After considerable scrutiny, the institution decided upon Desktop Central - A Windows Desktop Management Solution from ManageEngine. Desktop Central catered to the needs of the FCU in the following aspects,

Automated Patch Management

Desktop Central offered automated Patch Management for Windows Applications and Operating systems, which facilitated administrators at First Priority FCU to centrally apply patches on computers in their network without any manual intervention. The agent-based solution offered a 360 degrees coverage handling every aspect of patch management like system discovery, identification of missing patches, Patch deployment and Patch reports to view the success of the process. And this was a sure boon to IT administrators at First Priority FCU in terms of simplicity as well as efficiency of the patch management process. "We wanted a software to manage and automate patch deployment for us on regular basis." said Robert Whitley, Chief Information Officer, First Priority FCU. "Desktop Central helped achieve this faster and in an absolutely hassle-free way."

Standardization of Desktop Configuration

Desktop Central helped standardize configuration of desktops, which enabled administrators at First Priority FCU to easily troubleshoot and maintain desktops in their network. The configuration templates that contained pre-defined configurations of commonly used ones, simplified the job further for administrators. The ability to view the configuration deployment status was another advantage."We found Desktop Central to be quite useful in terms of standardization of desktop configuration.We were able to automate the process of setting up and locking up desktops in our organization. The ability to schedule these tasks at desired time intervals, simplified things further." said Robert Whitley of First Priority FCU. "Also the Drive Mapping option, helped us associate remote network resources to selected user machines using respective drive names." And all this reduced the mundane workload for the IT administrators at First Priority FCU who now had the time to address more critical issues.

Feature-rich yet Cost-effective

Desktop Central, surely was a value for money preposition for First Priority FCU. The product offered a variety of features and carried an affordable price tag, when compared to the other software in the market. "We were quite impressed with the feature-set and the pricing of Desktop Central. After evaluating the product, it didn't take us long to switch from Scriptlogic's Desktop Authority to ManageEngine Desktop Central." said Robert Whitley. With a whole bundle of features, hiccupfree deployment/performance and a cost-effective pricing, compared to the other co-players, Desktop Central became an obvious choice of First Priority FCU.

The Result

After the deployment of Desktop Central, First Priority FCU found it extremely simple to manage patches. The automated patch management minimized vulnerabilities and gave way for an improved network security. The standardization of desktop configuration resulted in ease of administration and increased productivity of IT staff. The FCU was quite convinced with the pricing of Desktop Central, which offered an array of features at a visibly lesser cost when compared to competition. Also, the administrators at First Priority FCU found it extremely simple to centrally manage all configured desktops in their network. "Desktop Central has made life easy. We now exercise complete control on all the desktops in our network." said Robert. Today, the IT staff at First Priority FCU are no more worried of patch management or desktop administration. They know MangeEngine Desktop Central can do it all in a jiff!

About First Priority FCU

The First Priority Federal Credit Union was first chartered on December 1, 1925 as Huntington Postal Credit Union. The union completed their conversion to a Federal Charter on February 9, 2001. First Priority FCU operates in three locations - Huntington, Ashland and Barboursville. The First Priority Federal Credit Union offers many financial products like shares, loans, IRAs, Regular Share Draft, card services, certificates, etc. The institution works with a mission to make their members dreams as their first priority.

About Desktop Central

Desktop Central is a complete Desktop Management Software that provides Software Deployment, Patch Management, Service Pack Installation, Asset Management, Remote Control, Configurations, System Tools, User Logon Reports and Active Directory Reports. It is a network-neutral solution that can be used to manage desktops in Active Directory, Workgroups and Novell eDirectory. It can manage computers in multiple domains and can also manage computers across WAN (branch offices). Desktop Central helps achieve compliance with standards like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc, and provides a bundle of useful reports to meet compliance audits.