Compare Editions

OpUtils Tools Free Edition Professional Edition
Network Scanner
Proxy Ping
Trace Route
DNS Resolver
MAC Address Resolver
IP Address Manager
Rogue Detection
System Explorer
TCP Reset
Switch Port Mapper *
Availability Monitoring *
Port Scanner
Device Explorer
Device Scan *
TFTP Server
SNMP Walker
MIB Browser
DHCP Scope Monitor
MAC IP list
SNMP Graph
MIB node Viewer
MIB Module Viewer
Config File Manager
System Details update
Bandwidth Monitor

* - restricted access to these tools will be available in the Free Edition

The fully functional edition of the ManageEngine OpUtils can be downloaded from our web site. This edition is valid for 30 days. At the end of the 30 day period, the product will automatically become the Free edition of OpUtils . Users can purchase the Professional edition of OpUtils after the expiry period.

Free Edition:

The Free edition of the OpUtils product includes the 11 tools as mentioned in the above table. At any point of time, users can upgrade to the Professional edition of the product.

Professional Edition:

The Professional edition of the OpUtils product includes all the tools mentioned in the above table.