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About Secureise

Secureise is a Cyber Security Company based In Pune,India. Our focus Is in making sure you have the best training And cyber security services. We help customers meet cyber security challenges through consulting engagements, security monitoring, and cyber security product expertise.We here at Secureise providing quality training with exceptional records.


we provide ...

Bug Bounty Training

A course that teaches you practically, about web application`s security, protecting you websites from attacks and reporting bugs for reward Money, Hall of fames and Swags

Web Application Penetration Testing

In web application penetration testing, we aim to teach you, identifying security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding and publishing of a software or a website.

Network Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive Penetration testing services mimic an attacker seeking to access sensitive assets by exploiting security weaknesses existing across multiple systems.

CEH Training

CEH training certifies the abilities of an ethical hacker to guard against the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of network infrastructure and illegal hacking practices.


Our internship programs are aimed, to provide exposure, and prepare you for the industrial demands.

More coming ...


We Secure, By Reporting Their Vulnerabilities!