Onboard and offboard employees in hybrid AD environments with just a few clicks.

Provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts in bulk in a hybrid AD environment with Microsoft's native tools is neither efficient nor secure. Using the right solutions, you can easily and securely create user accounts in bulk without the need for scripts. Ensuring user accounts are cleaned up after employees leave is also essential to secure content and save on licensing costs.

This white paper will introduce you to an efficient solution that provides a secure approach to user provisioning and deprovisioning across AD, Azure AD, Office 365, Exchange, Google Workspace, etc.  

In this white paper, you'll learn how to:

  • Seamlessly provision multiple users across platforms in hybrid AD from a single console.
  • Disable and deprovision user accounts, revoke licenses, and remove user associated files. 
  • Ensure security, consistency, and efficiency while performing routine administration tasks.

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