Get started. set goals. sprint away.

Gather requirements from the engineering team, track progress, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders using Zoho Sprints.

Plan wisely

Use backlogs to give your team a sense of direction while keeping your plan fluid and open to change. Incorporate feedback from previous sprints while planning future epics and sprints.

Collaborate effortlessly

Great ideas can come from unlikely places. Brainstorm an idea or post routine updates using our social feeds and schedule your agile retrospectives and sprint reviews using our meetings.

Track time diligently

Log time using manual logs or global timers and bill your clients accordingly. One-click approval and timesheet reports help keep the process transparent.

Release frequently

Our release management module coupled with our powerful Jenkins integration lets your monitor your release pipeline by fetching build reports and logs within Zoho Sprints.

Track effectively

Turn raw data into actionable insights with our real-time dashboards. Use agile reports to evaluate your team's performance and improve consistently.


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What our customers say


“We adopted Zoho Sprints for the ease of use and the benefits that come with the Zoho ecosystem. Zoho Sprints transformed the way we work and helped us in dealing with efficiently managing our projects”


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Awards and recognitions

Named as a Winter Leader 2020 by G2, under the Project Management Tools category

Named as a Crowd Leader Winter 2019 by G2, under the Project Management Tools category

Your agile journey, uninterrupted

Sprints for iOS and Android helps you manage and track your agile projects. Know where each sprint stands in the Scrum Board, get insights from agile reports, and collaborate on the go.

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