The one-stop solution for managing IT projects

Zoho Projects has an easy-to-use interface and a mobile application that facilitates your projects from anywhere. Our comprehensive set of features is sure to provide you with an all-round project management experience.

Track issues with ease

Submit and record bugs to quickly resolve them. Track their progress and automate actions by setting up business rules and escalations using SLAs. Monitor your issues easily using basic and advanced reports.

Automate tasks with blueprint

Save time by automating task workflows using Blueprint. Visualize workflows easily with our simple drag-and-drop interface. Loop in the right people at the right time and automate notifications at every step of the way.

Monitor progress with Gantt charts

The Gantt chart is a visual representation of your project timeline. With this chart, you can manage dependencies between various work items, analyze critical path and measure planned vs actual progress using baselines.

Collaborate effortlessly with your team

Avoid miscommunication by instantly collaborating over the Feed. Get feedback, share opinions and even have face-to-face conversations using Forums, in-built chats and have virtual meetings by integrating with Zoho Meeting.

Account for every minute

Record every minute of your hard work using our time tracking module. Keep a track of your work hours using both our automatic and manual timers. Generate client invoices instantly by utilizing the billable hours recorded.

Customize your experience

Depending on your team, the type of work you do, and your business needs, customize your portal with custom fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows. You can even customize your notifications, domain name and logo!

Powerful integrations for powerful teams

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What our customers say

Diego Cutignola

"Zoho Projects has allowed us to grow as a company, because it allowed us to communicate efficiently without digging through thousands of emails. We have completed over 100 projects using Zoho Projects. With nearly every employee connected to it on a daily basis, Zoho Projects has become an integral part of our every day business."

Tone Williams,
President & Founder, IT Solutions Provider

Awards and recognitions

Won the Quality Choice badge for being a Top Ranked Solution in the Project Management category, 2020.

Featured in the Top 50 Project Management Products, 2020.

Featured as a Leader in Software Awards for Project Collaboration, 2020.

Featured as Expert's Choice in project management category, 2020.

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Project management apps that are designed for virtual collaboration. Your projects can now always stay by your side, just a click away.

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