ManageEngine CloudSpend pricing tier

No minimum price. Pay based on your cloud bills.

Tier*(Cloud Bill)


Up to $3,000/month Free
Above $3000/month 1% of cloud bill (Billed monthly)

*Aggregate charges incurred by all payer accounts within the CloudSpend subscription.

Licensing Model

We offer a pay-as-you-go licensing model for your cloud cost management software with added advantages like the following. Check out other questions you may have at our exclusive help documentation on the CloudSpend licensing model.

  1. Free trial without a credit card
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Cancel anytime


The following features are provided in the CloudSpend cost management console for all pricing tiers.

  • Budgets: Create and manage multiple cost budgets
  • Reporting: Schedule dashboard views for delivery
  • Business units: Create and manage multiple business units
  • Data retention schedules: Daily bill aggregates are available for 1 year; Monthly bill aggregates are available for 3 years
  • User management: Add and manage multiple users
  • Alerting: Receive email notifications on cost budgets
  • Filter/group data: Slice and dice costs by multiple dimensions

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How does CloudSpend pricing work?

  • Pricing example 1

    Let's assume that you have integrated three standalone master (payer) accounts—Internal IT, Production, and Development with ManageEngine CloudSpend. We calculate the monthly costs for CloudSpend using our pricing tier as follows.

    Cloud bill for March

    • Internal IT: $636.64/mo
    • Production: $1,500.35/mo
    • Development: $800.90/mo

    In this example, the total aggregate cloud bill at the end of the month is $2,937.89 ($636.64 + $1,500.35 + $800.90) that is lower than our pricing tier. Therefore, the total ManageEngine CloudSpend charge is $0.

    Pricing example 2

    Let's assume a similar example for the month of April

    Cloud bill for April

    • Internal IT: $1,000.56/mo
    • Production: $3,500.24/mo
    • Development: $2198.79/mo

    In this example, the total aggregate cloud bill at the end of the month is $6,699.59/mo that meets our pricing tier, resulting in a total charge of $36.99/mo ($6,699.59 — $3, 000) * 0.01).

  • 2. How does the free trial work? Are there any limits?

  • During your 30-day free trial, you can integrate upto five payer accounts with ManageEngine CloudSpend. However, for each payer account, a maximum of three month's items in the cloud Cost and Usage Report (from the day of integration) will only be parsed and populated in the views.

  • 3. How can I upgrade my ManageEngine CloudSpend account?

  • To upgrade, you can either provide credit card information, or generate an invoice online to buy purchase order (PO) credits.

  • 4. After upgrading can I view more than two months' historical cost data?

  • Yes. You can get in touch with our support team at that will help you backfill historical cost and usage data that your payer account accrued before the evaluation period.

  • 5. My cloud bill is below $3,000 a month? Do I need to upgrade?

  • As long as the cumulative monthly charge for your payer account is below $3,000, you don't need to. However, if it exceeds $3,000, your account will be moved to a downgraded state. We recommend you upgrade, so you can continue to visualize and manage cloud costs without any interruptions.

  • 6. What happens when my account gets downgraded?

  • We won't capture any new updates to the cloud Cost and Usage report. Also, your ability to integrate new payer accounts, as well as create new budgets and business units will be limited. Before your account is downgraded, we will send you email providing details on how to upgrade so you can continue to efficiently manage your cloud and cloud costs.

    Additionally, if the downgraded account has no activity for 30 days, the account billing data alone will be removed. Nevertheless, the configuration details like billing configuration, reports, budgets, or any cost analytics performed previously will be available for reference.

  • 7. What are Purchase Order (PO) Credits?

  • PO Credits are a form of advanced payment. You can generate an invoice on the Zoho Payments portal for any number of credits. With ManageEngine CloudSpend you pay based on your cloud bill. The rate you are charged depends on which pricing tier your bill meets. PO credits are applied to your CloudSpend charges to cover your cost.

  • 8. Do PO credits have an expiry date?

  • No. PO credits are not time-sensitive. We will transfer unused credits to the next billing cycle.

  • 9. What happens when I don't have sufficient PO credits to pay for the previous month's charge?

  • This indicates a negative credit balance. We will downgrade your account if negative credit balance exceeds six times more than the previous month's charge.

  • 10. When will I be charged?

  • Our billing cycle begins on the 15th of each month.

  • 11. For what period would I be charged once I upgrade my account?

  • Let's assume you upgrade your account on May 10. Your billing cycle will begin on May 15 and end on June 14. On June 15, a charge will be applied to your credit card or PO credits calculated from your cloud bill for May and that reflects the pricing tier you meet.

  • 12. How would I be charged if I don't immediately upgrade after the evaluation period?

  • Let's assume your evaluation period ended on May 30, and you upgrade your account on August 1. Your first billing cycle will begin on August 15, and it will contain CloudSpend charges for both June and July. Note: Charges only apply if the monthly cloud bill for June or July meets our pricing tier.