Why do organizations need a
low-code application development (LCAD) platform?

In today's landscape, every business leader is dealing with the challenge of digitally transforming their organization. A digitally lean organization achieves higher productivity and better profits. Leaders need to upgrade old business processes and work together with IT teams to implement new software or upgrade existing software to support new processes.

Yet hiring digital-first talent poses challenges. There is a shortage of skilled coders in the talent pool. This is where low-code platforms deliver a significant advantage over traditional development methods. Developing low-code solutions requires less technical effort, allowing IT teams to save time on creating transactional apps and to invest more resources into solving critical business challenges.

How will a low-code platform
help your organization?

Reduce the amount of time required for app development with the help of drag-and-drop builders, prebuilt UI templates, data models, and more.

Streamline business processes and automate workflows with AppCreator's custom scripting language and workflow builder.

Reduce the total cost of ownership thanks to abstracted drag-and-drop-based development, little to no maintenance, and minimal testing.

Improve the customer and partner experience by enabling them to interact with your organization's data through online portals and mobile apps.

Protect your company's user data and stay compliant with organizational policies by defining and managing user access, identities, and permissions with AppCreator's user management tools.

Create a single source of information by collating, analyzing, and managing data from multiple sources with a dashboard.

Low-code solution from ManageEngine


Advanced low-code platform for building powerful applications

Build custom applications, automate workflows, gain deep insights from data, and manage databases.


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