Cloud cost management reimagined

Cloud cost management reimagined

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Make your business stronger with cost resilience

CloudSpend offers a simplified user experience and helps users take powerful actions to manage cloud costs. Streamline businesses to achieve cost observability and keep the FinOps team happy.

Cloud Spend Management

Take control of your multi-cloud costs

Manage your AWS or Azure cloud costs at each resource level, separated by linked accounts or subscriptions. Your AWS or Azure bill is separately parsed, and you get an in-depth spend analysis where you can check costs accrued by service, region, and account.

Cloud Spend Management Tools

Implement guard rails on your cloud budget

Gain insights into whether the expenses will meet the budget goals or exceed them. Take control of the split-up expenditure for individual accounts, and take measures not to exceed the budget.

What is Cloud Cost Management

Easy reporting for actionable insights

Obtain automatically created, out-of-the-box reports to gain valuable insights into your organization's cloud spending, usage, and trends. Create budgets, manage your cloud bills, and get reports in case of budget breaches.

Cloud Cost & Spend Management Solution

Get granular level drill down of all resources

Perform ad-hoc analysis using various filtering and grouping dimensions. Break down spending by linked accounts within customized date ranges. Alternatively, you can use auto-generated and user-defined tags to isolate and analyze subsets of your cloud costs.

Platforms supported by ManageEngine CloudSpend

CloudSpend is your one-stop solution to manage your cloud cost and to administer your public cloud that helps you allocate budgets, utilize tags, and create business units for cloud costs to track your cost management journey. We are expanding our platform support:

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CloudSpend offers a simplified user experience and helps users take powerful actions to manage cloud costs. Streamline business to achieve cost observability and keep the FinOps team happy.


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Overview of cloud cost management

  • What is cloud cost management?

  • Cloud cost management lets you analyse, control, and track your spending in the cloud. Improper tagging and account governance—that includes orphaned, overprovisioned, underutilized, or idle resources—increase your cloud costs. Left unchecked, your cloud costs can spiral out of control. A cost management tool helps cloud customers obtain actionable insights into their consumption patterns, enabling them to focus on reducing their per unit cost of consumption.

  • Why is cloud cost management tool important?

  • When global teams are spread across different verticals, like an organization's engineering and finance business groups, it is essential to have a uniform cloud language to make cloud usage predictions and develop cloud strategies. Cloud cost management tool is essential for understanding who is spending on what and where. Enforcing a uniform cloud language using a cloud cost management tool enables key stakeholders to make data-driven decisions on the cloud footprint.

  • What are the cloud cost management strategies?

  • Some important cloud cost management strategies include, Rightsizing, Autoscaling, Reserved Instances and Savings Plan, Cost Allocation Tags, and Budgeting Policies. CloudSpend allows you to have all these strategies from one single place.

  • Why is CloudSpend the best cloud cost management tool?

  • ManageEngine CloudSpend helps you operate efficiently in the cloud and cut down on unnecessary accrued costs. Business units (BU) in CloudSpend helps account holders achieve cost accountability within global teams. By creating cloud cost centres in a BU, you can evaluate high-level spend views of individual teams, and utilize visualizations to drill down to obtain a detailed analysis. You can also enable organizational planning to achieve the most value out of every dollar spent that you can confirm by tracking your cost for each account, service, region, or data transfer.