The unified SIEM for MSSPs

Log360 MSSP revolutionizes the way MSSPs operate by offering seamless scalability, effortless access control, and efficient log management across multiple client environments.

Why should
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Log360 MSSP?

Log360 MSSP provides a comprehensive solution for assessing, analyzing, and enhancing your clients' security by catering to the needs of various user groups within the cybersecurity landscape.


Centralized log management

Easily collect, store, and analyze log data from multiple client environments in real-time from a single console, while gaining valuable insights into potential security vulnerabilities.


Multi-tenant architecture

Manage multiple clients' log data within a single platform securely, ensuring data isolation and compliance with data privacy regulations.


Role-based access control (RBAC)

Assign specific permissions and access levels to users based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring data security and confidentiality.


Advanced threat detection

Utilize advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms, including real-time alerting, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence, empowering you to detect and respond to security incidents effectively.


Automated incident response

Automate incident response processes, allowing you to define and execute response actions based on predefined workflows and playbooks, minimizing the impact of security incidents.


Compliance reporting

Generate compliance reports to ensure clients adhere to industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, the PCI DSS, and the GDPR, facilitating the auditing process and demonstrating regulatory compliance.


Threat hunting

Proactively search for indicators of compromise (IoCs) and identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities within clients' environments, enabling proactive defense measures.


Forensic investigation

Conduct forensic investigations, including search and correlation capabilities, timeline analysis, and evidence gathering, to determine the root cause of security incidents.


Real-time alerting

Receive customizable real-time alerts to quickly identify and respond to security incidents, enabling you to mitigate risks and proactively address threats, ensuring timely action.


Integration with threat intelligence feeds

Enrich your security analysis with real-time threat intelligence data and enhance the accuracy of threat detection and response.



Easily scale log management infrastructure seamlessly to accommodate business growth, allowing you to expand your services and support more clients effectively.


Customization and integration

With flexibility through customization and seamless integration, tailor solutions to specific client requirements and integrate with your existing IT environments effortlessly.

What can ManageEngine solutions help
you achieve?



    Ensure business continuity with highly scalable solutions that can monitor your clients’ environments 24/7 and provide real-time insights into their security postures.


    Data isolation

    Isolate and manage each individual client’s data to ensure privacy and security and implement stricter measures to prevent unauthorized access or breaches.



    Ensure the complete security of your clients’ environments with advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, and mitigation capabilities.


    Incident response

    Manage incidents efficiently by streamlining the investigation process. Assign individual technicians to each client to ensure data privacy.



    Ensure that your clients adhere to regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of penalties by automating compliance checks and providing comprehensive audit trails.

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