Free Syslog Relay Tool

Are you finding it hard to manage syslog messages? Try ManageEngine Free Syslog Forwarder Tool. This tool helps forward syslogs to intended destination servers, receive and block syslog messages from devices. Forward syslogs to maximum of 10 syslog servers simultaneously.

System Log Forwarding

Syslog Forwarder - ManageEngine Free Tools

The dashboard shows the number of messages received by the tool. All the messages are stored in file for later review.

Free Sysog Forwarder Tool

If you’re looking for a smart tool for syslog forwarding, receiving and blocking, Free Syslog Forwarder Tool is your answer.

Syslog Monitoring in OpManager

Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Receives log messages via UDP
  • Auto-splitting of messages to show sender, facility, severity, message
  • Easy rule creation to identify required, important syslogs
  • Filter on facility name, severity and keyword match⁄ regex
  • Assign severities to incoming syslogs and create alarms from these
  • Forward OpManager events as Syslogs or received Syslog message to another NMS platform
  • Syslog widgets to know instantly about what’s happening in your network