The MSP webinar is over, but the learning continues!

We concluded our first ever webinar on multi-client network management for MSPs. In this hour-long, information-packed session, we discussed how MSPs can successfully strategize a cost-effective, functional network monitoring strategy for their client networks and demolished myths surrounding MSP network management. MSP network admins learned how to deploy a strategy that can tackle the challenges of MSP network management, cut costs, and gain client trust.

Here are a few highlights from the webinar:

  • Why the demand for MSP services is increasing
  • The increasingly unconventional ways through which MSPs are adding more value to businesses and profits to their balance sheets
  • Key challenges every MSP faces in the current surge of demand for reliable MSP services
  • How MSPs prioritize their monitoring mix using the key performance indicator impact matrix
  • 5 monitoring obstacles every MSP needs to address to maximize their profits and decrease their operational expenses.
  • Ensuring world class MSP monitoring with OpManager MSP

Want to watch the full webinar? Access everything you need, including the webinar recording, the slides, and the key performance indicator impact matrix discussed in the webinar, by filling out the form.

How OpManager MSP provides the best in class MSP network monitoring experience

Helping MSP network admins to deploy a tailor-made network management strategy, OpManager MSP helps you tackle the challenges of MSP network management, cut costs, and gain client trust. With OpMananager MSP, you can:

  • Support multi-tenancy and centralize monitoring of multiple client environments.
  • Troubleshoot network issues across remote locations, and eliminate the need for a local administrator.
  • Gain visibility into your client networks, manage resources, and ensure SLA compliance.
  • Enable real-time visualization of multiple client networks, and use customer-based grouping for efficient management.
  • Deploy a scalable network management solution to probe and monitor device availability, performance, and alarms of multiple customer networks.
  • Enable effective client management by delegating operators to appropriate tasks.
  • Continually manage client environments with automatic, uninterrupted secondary standby server switching.
  • Monitor and manage resources with diverse performance metrics and reports, enabling cost-effective MSP network management.
  • Automate repeated IT tasks and save human effort.

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