Android Ping App

Monitor your network anytime, anywhere, on the go with Android Ping Tool. This android app monitors availability of servers, desktops, routers, switches and other network devices in a local network, finds DNS records and monitors websites. Monitors unlimited number of hosts simultaneously.

Free Android Ping Tool Highlights


  • Monitor the availability of the websites, servers, routers and other network devices.
  • Find Minimum/ Maximum / Average trip time of the packet from the host.
  • Find the Round-trip time to destination devices and websites.


  • Troubleshoot routing problems by finding the Traceroute details for websites,servers, routers and other network devices.
  • Find the number of hops taken by the packet to reach destination server.

DNS Lookup

  • Perform DNS lookup and get the DNS records directly from your android device.
  • Get the IP-Address and SOA records of websites.
  • Get the MX record,NS record and TXT record of websites.

Port Scanner

  • View open ports in the selected server. Android Ping Tool is preloaded with 2 options for port scanning.
  • Scan open ports with in a specific range using the custom scan option.
  • Scan specific ports using the auto scan option.


  • Hosts marked as favourite from other tabs are listed here
  • Get the availability status from the Favourites view.
  • Color codes help identify whether the monitored devices are up and running.

ESX Host Monitoring

Make sure you're fully aware of the status and performance of your host servers using OpManager's ESX Host Monitoring feature

Device Availability Monitoring
Device Availability Monitoring
  • Discover VMware hosts and VMs instantly
  • Monitor vital performance metrics of your ESX hosts in real time
  • Set thresholds and get alerted whenever something is wrong with your host