How EziBuy achieves IT service excellence with ManageEngine

Business challenges

EziBuy Limited was confronted with three pressing concerns. Its key problem was incident management. The second issue was authorizing and removing the accounts of new and resigning employees based on their status. Last, but not least, password management was a challenge, especially since their Wi-Fi system had been upgraded.

Key takeaways

  • Manage SLAs, write templates, and automate approval processes from a single pane of glass.
  • Save IT technicians time by automating processes and authorizing the right personnel.
  • Manage accounts and passwords to retrieve forgotten credentials and unlock locked out accounts.

ManageEngine products

ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is help desk software with integrated asset and project management capabilities. With its advanced yet easy-to-use ITSM features, ServiceDesk Plus helps IT support teams deliver world-class service to end users with reduced cost and complexity. It comes in three editions and is available in 29 different languages. Over 100,000 organizations across 185 countries trust ServiceDesk Plus to optimize IT service desk performance and achieve high end-user satisfaction.

ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is web-based Windows AD and Windows Server change reporting software. To help meet the most important security, audit, and compliance demands, it audits, tracks, and reports on Windows components, including AD, workstation logons and logoffs, and file servers. The solution tracks authorized and unauthorized OU changes and access attempts by users, GPOs, groups, and computers. ADAudit Plus features more than 150 detailed, event-specific reports and instant email alerts. It also exports the results to XLS, HTML, PDF, and CSV formats to assist in interpretation and computer forensics.

ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a web-based solution for all your AD, Exchange, Skype for Business, Google Workspace, and Windows 365 management needs. It simplifies several routine tasks, such as provisioning users, cleaning up dormant accounts, and managing NTFS and share permissions. ADManager Plus also includes more than 150 prepackaged reports, such as those for inactive or locked out AD user accounts, Windows 365 licenses, and users' last logon times. Using ADManager Plus, you can perform management actions directly from these reports. Build a custom workflow structure that will help you with ticketing and compliance, automate routine AD tasks (such as user provisioning and deprovisioning), and do even more.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine provides a suite of powerful enterprise management products—including network utilization, performance, security, help desk, email archive, and real-time QoS management—all crafted to make your business more effective and efficient. With a wide array of products that can be easily integrated, enterprise-wide optimization is made simple. Our complementary products provide users with the ability to choose and incorporate the features they need à la carte!

How Ezibuy achieves IT service excellence with ManageEngine