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Important: The latest Access Manager Plus version is 4.3 (Build 4313). If you are using earlier versions, you need to apply upgradepack. See What's New in Access Manager Plus

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Version 4.3 (Build 4313)

Windows(SHA256 Checksum hash value)
ManageEngine Access Manager Plus 64bit.exe 43d6264dbbf328c69317f6344497b8ca22217a7cc48bf4754c2ecb854f9e9961
Linux(SHA256 Checksum hash value)
ManageEngine Access Manager Plus 64bit.bin 04e1258fb8e5ca48aac71e10f6d3eaf84a612bae170789b23e65a3418a404e94

Licensing Details

Access Manager Plus licensing is based on two factors:

  • Number of connections — The maximum number of connections to remote systems via Access Manager Plus at a given point of time.
  • Type of edition — Free or Standard


  • Access Manager Plus comes with two predefined user roles — Administrator and Standard User.
  • Administrators can set up, configure, and manage the Access Manager Plus application. They can manage all users, connections and connection-related operations, monitor user sessions in real-time, and access audit records.
  • Standard Users do not have all the privileges of an administrator. They can view, launch, and manage connections, as well as access audit records. However, they cannot manage other users or carry out session-specific operations.
  • Free Edition – If your requirement is to have a secure remote access tool to connect to the target systems, the Free Edition would be ideal for you.
  • Standard Edition – Apart from establishing secure remote connections, if you wish to have enterprise-grade privileged session management features such as access controls, RemoteApp support, session recording and monitoring, session termination, etc., the Standard Edition would be the best choice.

Know the difference:

Features Free Edition Standard Edition
Number of users 2 Unlimited
Price per user $0 Variable
Centralized vault tick tick
Admin dashboard (Live feeds and graphs) tick tick
Manual addition of connections tick tick
Connection import from files tick tick
Audit and instant notifications tick tick
User / user group management tick tick
Local authentication tick tick
RADIUS authentication tick tick
Smart card / PKI / certificate authentication tick tick
AD / Azure AD / LDAP integration tick tick
LDAP sync - user and user groups tick tick
AD / Azure AD sync - user groups & OUs tick tick
Backup and recovery provisions tick tick
Remote RDP, SSH, VNC, and SQL connections tick tick
Gateway settings tick tick
Bi-directional file transfers over remote sessions (FTP, SFTP) tick tick
Two-factor authentication - OTP sent via email, Google Authenticator, RADIUS tick tick
VNC support for collaboration tick tick
Transfer ownership tick tick
IP restrictions for web access tick tick
Backup file encryption tick tick
Managing unidentified email addresses tick tick
Emergency measures tick tick
Notification email IDs tick tick
Lock / unlock users tick tick
Auto logon helper tick tick
RemoteApp support tick tick
User sessions tick tick
Access control workflow tick tick
Two-factor authentication - PhoneFactor, RSA SecurID, Duo Security, YubiKey, Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify tick tick
Privileged session recording tick tick
MS SQL server as backend database tick tick
Remote connection discovery: Windows, Linux tick tick
Role customization tick tick
Ticketing system integration - ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, JIRA Service Desk tick tick
SIEM integration - SNMP traps and syslog message generation tick tick
Landing server configuration tick tick
Federated identity management tick tick
Privileged session shadowing and termination tick tick
Session collaboration tick tick
Purging selective session recordings tick tick
SAML 2.0 support for SSO tick tick