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Doubling your MSP MRR
with advanced SIEM

About the speakers:

Erick Simpson

Pioneer and leader in the managed services industry

A pioneer and leader in the managed services industry, Erick Simpson built and sold one of the first MSPs in the industry. He also coached more than 30,000 IT Solution Providers through their MSP transformation with his MSP Mastered® Methodology for improving managed services business performance.

Erick is an MSP business and channel growth expert, influencer, thought leader, speaker, and author with four best-selling books and 50 white papers to his credit. His strategies and programs help MSPs overcome business challenges to realize consistent, profitable, and recurring managed services revenue growth. His mergers and acquisitions expertise has helped dozens of MSPs sell their businesses at the highest valuation, or expand through acquisition.

Esther Christopher

Cybersecurity evangelist, ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation.

With numerous presentations delivered worldwide, she is a seasoned speaker on the importance of cybersecurity for businesses. Her engaging and informative presentations provide audiences with a deeper understanding of the impact of cybersecurity on businesses, equipping them with practical strategies to ensure their organizations are protected from cyberthreats.

Why watch this webinar?

This session is crafted for MSPs, and provides actionable guidance on using SIEM to fortify security and gain clarity in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

We'll delve deep into essential insights, cutting through the noise to highlight pivotal changes in the industry. Discovering why SIEM holds heightened relevance today, we'll learn how it serves as a robust threat detection and response method, and ensures the safety of your clients' business and yours. Moreover, we'll explore how leveraging SIEM capabilities can become a revenue-generating tool that provides practical strategies for driving predictable, incremental MRR increases.


  • 05 minutes Introduction

  • 20 minutes Erick addresses various cyberthreats and provides real-world examples to demonstrate how a SIEM solution helps with detection and mitigation.

  • 15 minutes Esther discusses how enterprises and MSPs can fortify their networks and thwart sophisticated cyberattacks using industry best practices.

  • 05 minutes Q&A session


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