Lebara Identifies Process Lags and Speeds Up Incident Resolution with Analytics Plus

Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar,

desktop service group manager, Lebara


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Why Analytics Plus?

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Business challenges solved

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Company Background

Founded in 2001, Lebara is a UK-based telecommunications company providing network services all over the globe. Headquartered in London, Lebara has offices in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

"Analytics Plus is a powerful reporting and analytics tool that complements our help desk application. It offers visual reports of our requests and tasks in our service desk, which helps us determine where to focus our efforts, and improves our productivity,"

-Sathish Kumar, desktop service group manager, Lebara

Business Requirement

Lebara's service desk operations are managed by a five-member team. Users from across the world log desktop-related requests using Lebara help desk application, ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine's IT help desk software. Lebara wanted a complete overview of its help desk activities so it could streamline the support team operations, predict the flow of incoming requests, and prepare contingency plans.

To achieve its reporting requirements, Lebara had to export data from ServiceDesk Plus and create reports manually. While ServiceDesk Plus served the company basic reporting needs, Lebara wanted to analyze its help desk data graphically to track requests from start to finish, and view details about requests such as SLAs, average resolution time, and request backlogs.

"We wanted a graphical interface for our reports. We wanted to visualize the requests that were coming in, and see how our support team was processing them," explained Sathish Kumar, desktop service group manager at Lebara.

Enter Analytics Plus with a Library of Reports

Sathish Kumar was already familiar with Analytics Plus, the advanced IT analytics software program from ManageEngine; he'd used it at a previous company. "We loved that Analytics Plus was so straightforward and easy-to-use. It features a whole bunch of charts, pivots, maps, pies, and tables that we can switch to at the click of a button. Even during our evaluation cycle, the technical support team from Analytics Plus was extremely helpful and responsive. Whenever we had a question on building reports or dashboards, the support team was more than happy to step in and help us out. This is actually what drew us to Analytics Plus," added Sathish Kumar.

Here's Why Lebara Loves Analytics Plus

With complete visibility into everything that transpires in the help desk from the moment of request creation to request closure, Lebara weeded out process lags that were causing backlogs and delaying resolutions. This also helped Lebara improve SLAs percentages and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Sathish Kumar noted, "We've been using Analytics Plus for over a year now, and we love that Analytics Plus gives us frequent product updates. We love all the new features. For example, trend forecasting (Release 4300) enables us to predict request volumes and gauge why there's a sudden request inflow. Such insights are truly helpful and ensure we are prepared."

Keeping the Bosses Happy

The senior management at Lebara wanted periodic updates on the company help desk activities. And what better way to offer insight than with scheduled reports and dashboards that auto-populate with the latest data at the click of a button?

"If my manager wants to track our SLAs or backlogs, I can simply schedule a report that will be sent to his inbox periodically. It's so convenient and removes a whole lot of leg work from our end. And I can send it to as many people as needed," Sathish Kumar said.

The Journey Ahead

Discussing Lebara's plans to leverage Analytics Plus in the future, Sathish Kumar explained, "As our business expands, we're looking to integrate more tools and applications with Analytics Plus. In fact, we've just started using Analytics Plus for planning and tracking our IT budget."

Analytics Plus Support Shines

Technical assistance proved to be a big plus for Lebara. Sathish Kumar said, "As a service desk manager, one thing I can say about the Analytics Plus support team is that they are reachable any time and always happy to help us out."

About Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus is a business intelligence and IT analytics tool that enables organizations to visualize their IT data from several IT applications and monitoring tools. With the combined capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Analytics Plus' AI assistant Zia responds to voice and text-based questions with rich visualizations that drastically reduce report building time and enable organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions. Additionally, Analytics Plus offers predictive analytical capabilities, contextual collaboration, and real-time data alerts based on threshold violations.

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