Take control of your IT.

As the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corp., ManageEngine empowers you to take control of your IT, from your security, networks, and servers to your applications, service desk, Active Directory, desktops, and mobile devices.

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For sysadmins and IT managers

For sysadmins and IT

We make your life easier with software that is feature rich, easy to use, and easy to integrate, giving you a holistic IT management solution that accelerates digital transformation, enables remote work, and secures your digital enterprise.

For senior-level IT

We make your business more stable by serving as a reliable, long-term partner that has been in the IT management arena since 2002 and will be in that arena as long as IT remains relevant to you and your business.

For senior-level IT executives

Take control,
no matter your role

Whether you are responsible for tactical, day-to-day IT management tasks or for strategic, long-term IT management planning, you can take control of your IT with ManageEngine.

  • Comprehensive Control

    Comprehensive control

    ManageEngine offers you more than 60 enterprise IT management products and over 60 free tools for identity and access management, enterprise service management, unified endpoint management and security, IT operations management, security information and event management, advanced IT analytics, and low-code app development. Your deployment options include on-premises, cloud-native, cloud-ready, and MSP models.

  • Integrated control

    Integrated control

    All of our tools are built from the ground up with contextual integration to make sure you can control your IT as holistic environment, not an assortment of disconnected, siloed elements. Check out all the integrations offered by our entire solutions portfolio.

  • Simplified control

    Simplified control

    We want to make IT simple. And no, we don't mean limited functionality. We give you full functionality, laid out simply in a UI that won't slow you down or trip you up. On top of that, you’ll find that our applications are easy to download, install, configure, and deploy with no third-party support services or help needed.

  • In-house control

    In-house control

    You lie at the heart of our product philosophy. We’re driven by your needs, and we've built a strong, in-house R&D team to back that up. We have over 4,000 employees working around the clock to turn your product requests into realities, and we're all using ManageEngine, too.

  • Value control

    Value control

    We take a simple, transparent approach to the business of IT management software. We don't pay extra for an aggressive sales team or costly consultants, and we're passing those savings on to you. Our pricing has no hidden costs and is available on our website. And our software licenses aren't limited by the size of your business or what your future looks like. We'll scale with you.

  • Your control

    Your control

    At the end of the day, your IT is about your needs. As you prepare for the IT management challenges ahead, we'll lead the way with new solutions, contextual integrations, and other advances that can only come from a company singularly dedicated to its customers. And we'll continue pushing for the tight business-IT alignment you'll need to seize future opportunities.

Take on Control

If you were looking for IT management solutions in 2001, you faced a market dominated by the “Big 4” vendors whose software was high priced, hard to deploy, and harder to use. Even a simple evaluation exposed you to an extended engagement with enterprise sales reps. Subsequent deployments required costly consultants to get the solutions up and running and get your IT team acquainted with the UIs and workflows. In short, you danced to the tune of the Big 4. They were in control, not you. And that meant you needed deep pockets, deep pools of talent, and plenty of time if you wanted the advantages of well-managed IT.

That was the IT management market circa 2001. And that’s the market we turned upside down, guided by corporate and product philosophies that ultimately empower you to control your IT on your terms.

  • Your business
  • Your solution
  • Your contribution
  • Your accolades

Your business

Your business

Your business

We believe that your trust in us goes beyond managing your IT and includes respecting and maintaining your privacy. That’s why we are committed to:

  • No ads
    No ads

    You won’t find ads in any of our products, including our free tools.

  • No tracking
    No tracking

    We do not track your visits to or movement through our website or community portals.

  • No third-party data centers
    No third-party data centers

    We do not use third-party data centers to run our cloud applications or to store or process customer- or company-related data.

Your solution

Your solution

Your solution

We believe that you deserve a unified IT management solution that meets your unique needs. That’s why our software is:

  • Homegrown

    We do not acquire products or features from third parties. Instead, we research and develop all of our software, from ideation to deliverable.

  • Integrated

    We cannot predict your unique IT demands. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we built products that you can contextually integrate to optimize your IT management for you.

  • Flexible

    We do not dictate deployment strategies. Our software is available for you to run on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid deployment model.

  • Flexible
    Secure and compliant

    We do not underestimate our duty to protect you from cybercrime or from regulatory transgressions. Our certifications include ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 20000, and AICPA/SOC.

Your contribution

Your contribution

Your contribution

We believe that your success is inescapably tied to ours, and at a deeper level, tied to the success of the global community. That’s why we contribute to the broader community. We couldn’t do it without you, and that makes our contributions yours.

  • Zoho Schools of Learning

    Zoho Schools of Learning - A meaningful alternative to conventional college education

    Zoho Schools of Learning Zoho Schools of Learning Zoho Schools of Learning
  • Rural education initiatives

    Rural education initiatives

    Rural Education Rural Education Rural Education
  • Solar farm to offset our carbon foot print

    Solar farm to offset our carbon foot print - In a bid to minimize our carbon footprint, we have set up a 5 MW solar energy farm to power our offices and data centers in India. We are now saving nearly 7,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, the equivalent of planting 14,400 trees.

  • Made in India

    Made in India. Made for the World.

Your accolades

Your accolades

Your accolades

We believe that serving you is our deepest privilege, and we are honored by the awards and acknowledgement that result from that service, including recognition by:

Gartner Forrester Kuppingercole IDC Omdia Gigaom